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Three most suitable days in a week to bet and win

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Three most suitable days in a week to bet and win

Sports betting has become a great and lucrative business especially among youths world wide.  Much as it is a gambling which is not advisable, it has also taken a lot of people out of poverty.
Sports betting is one thing, winning bet is another thing. Anyone can become a bettor but winning bet requires some sacrifices and skills. First among the sacrifice is to take time, calm down and get yourself acquainted with the fundamental betting tips. Once you are familiar with the betting tips, you can comfortable say that you are skilled in betting.
Even though betting can be justified on the ground that it has become a lucrative business, being addicted to it has no justification at all. Being addicted to betting can render a bettor useless and broke and also likely to lead him into engaging in a lot of criminal activities. So try and gamble with your brain and avoid anything that will render you addicted to sports betting/ gambling.
Generally, no day is bad for betting. However, there are some days in a week that are better than others for betting. Not for any other reason but for the availability of many matches and thus creating a lot of options for bettors.
There are some days that the match fixtures are many and there are some days that they are very few. The disadvantage of betting in a day that the matches are few, is that absence of many options will force a bettor especially the addicted ones to bet on matches which on normal circumstance, he would not.
It is kindly advised that bettors bet on some of the days of the week when there are enough options to choose from and avoid those days when there are very few match Fixtures.
In a week, we have 7 days. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Among these days of the week, Match fixtures are more on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Research on the winning of bet has shown that people win more on these four days, especially on the last three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is simply because on these days, there are a lot of Football matches, thereby giving the bettor the opportunity to choose from many options.
If you carefully apply the necessary precaution gotten from your acquaintance with the necessary betting tips on these days that there are a lot of available matches, you are most likely going to smile to the bank.
However, it should be noted that availability of many football matches does not ipso facto guarantee winning of bet. Knowing how to bet, when to bet, and what to bet is fundamental to winning of bet.
It has also been noticed that some people accumulate so many games on these days that there are sufficient football matches and then stake 100 to 200 Naira, intending to win millions. Much as that is not impossible, the chance of winning that is very tiny. The availability of many football matches is not for you to accumulate so many matches in one bet slip, but for you to accumulate very few sure matches and stand the chance to win.
Finally, it is advised that betting in a week is limited to the days when there are enough Football match options. Bet more during the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Accumulate very few games, stake high, take time to analysz the available matches and choose the best betting option. Always avoid emotional gambling. it kills, it drains account, it frustrates. Bet with free money. Never gamble with the money meant for something else. Never think you can use money meant for something important to bet and then double the money. More importantly, never borrow to bet. To the students, do not risk your school fees, house rent and money for textbooks and Handout for bet.
To the married men, never risk the money meant for house rent, family upkeep or children’s school fees for bet. Betting is not a money doubling scheme.
Finally, betting is lucrative if you learn and understand how to bet. Betting is fun when you are winning.
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