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Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy: A Deep Dive Into the Scandal

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Luis Rubiales Resigns Amid Controversy: A Deep Dive Into the Scandal

In a shocking turn of events, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, has tendered his resignation following a highly controversial incident during the Women’s World Cup final presentation ceremony. This incident, involving a kiss between Rubiales and Spain forward Jenni Hermoso, has not only shaken Spanish football but also ignited a nationwide debate on consent and accountability.

rubiales resigns

The Controversial Kiss

The controversy erupted on August 20th during the post-match celebrations after Spain’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup final. In a moment that was supposed to be a joyous occasion for Spanish football, Rubiales embraced and kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips. However, the aftermath of this kiss was anything but joyful. Hermoso, a 33-year-old football star, later stated that the kiss was non-consensual and filed a legal complaint against Rubiales. This allegation sent shockwaves through the football world and led to a chain of events that ultimately culminated in Rubiales’ resignation.

Rubiales’ Resignation

Rubiales, in his statement, cited the mounting pressure and the ongoing legal proceedings as reasons for his resignation. He expressed hope that his departure would contribute positively to Spain’s joint bid with Morocco and Portugal to host the 2030 World Cup. Additionally, Rubiales emphasized his faith in the truth prevailing, despite the “excessive persecution” he claimed to have endured.

The fallout from the kiss extended beyond Rubiales’ resignation. A total of 81 Spain players, including the entire squad that had secured the Women’s World Cup, declared that they would refuse to play for the national team as long as Rubiales remained in his position. This unified stance from the players reflected the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability.

Public Outcry and Political Response

The incident and its aftermath also triggered a significant public outcry in Spain. Politicians, footballers, and celebrities voiced their opinions against Rubiales. Protesters gathered at the federation’s headquarters, demanding his resignation. Spain’s acting Labour minister, Yolanda Diaz, declared her support for Jenni Hermoso and women’s rights, highlighting the societal transformation underway. Irene Montero, Spain’s equality minister, proclaimed, “It’s over,” signifying a decisive shift in the public sentiment.

Legal Proceedings and Allegations

As the scandal unfolded, legal proceedings were set in motion. A prosecutor filed a complaint with Spain’s high court, alleging sexual assault and coercion by Rubiales. These serious charges stemmed from Hermoso’s testimony and additional allegations made by Marta Durantez Gil, who accused Rubiales and his “professional entourage” of pressuring her relatives to justify and approve the incident.

The legal process now awaits a high court decision regarding whether formal charges will be presented against Rubiales. Sexual assault charges under Spanish law carry significant penalties, ranging from fines to potential imprisonment.

Rubiales’ Controversial Behavior

rubiales resigns

The incident involving Hermoso was not the first controversial act attributed to Rubiales. Prior to the kiss, he was seen engaging in a gesture deemed inappropriate—grabbing his crotch in the presence of Queen Letizia and her daughter while celebrating Spain’s victory over England. These actions added to the growing public discontent and calls for his resignation.

Luis Rubiales Resigns: A Long and Complex Timeline

The timeline of events leading to Rubiales’ resignation is extensive and marked by various key moments, including FIFA’s provisional suspension of Rubiales, the resignation of World Cup-winning manager Jorge Vilda, and a hunger strike initiated by Rubiales’ mother in his hometown. Throughout this period, the situation garnered international attention and intensified the debate surrounding consent, gender equality, and accountability within the realm of professional sports.


The resignation of Luis Rubiales as the president of the Spanish Football Federation underscores the significant consequences of his actions during the Women’s World Cup final presentation ceremony. The controversy surrounding the non-consensual kiss and the subsequent legal proceedings have raised important questions about consent, accountability, and gender equality within the world of football.

As the legal process unfolds, Spain’s football community faces a critical juncture in addressing the issues of gender-based misconduct and the importance of fostering a safe and respectful environment for all athletes. Jenni Hermoso’s courage in coming forward has ignited a larger conversation that extends far beyond the football pitch and into the broader societal landscape. Only time will tell how this watershed moment will shape the future of Spanish football and its commitment to equality and respect for all its participants.

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