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Ten Things To Consider Before Betting

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Ten Things To Consider Before Betting – About 80% of the youths all over the world today engage in betting. This has led to the emergence of so many betting companies, ranging from bet9ja, betfram, Nairabet, Hollywood bets, Betking, Bet365, 1x bet, etc.
The continuous increase in the number of people betting has been the encouraging force for these betting companies.  Every betting company has sufficient customers.
Betting cannot be considered a good thing in the same way it cannot also be considered a bad thing. Gambling generally is seen to be bad but inasmuch as it ruins the life of so many , it also help the life of so may people.
To bet successfully, every bettor must get him or herself acquainted with the betting tips. It is mandatory that every intending bettor must know the DOs and DON’Ts of betting. Among these tips are , No one below the age of 18 years is allowed to gamble/bet.  Betting with emotion and high expectation is highly discouraged, You must only bet with the money you are willing to lose, Never bet because you are in dire need of money, if  you do, you will definitely lose the little you have. Do not start gambling/betting because others are doing same. study the betting tips, the different teams and ;leagues you intend to be betting before starting.
It is of utmost importance that every bettor knows the ten most important things to consider before betting.
These must-know tips were put together by tio increase the winning chances of our users.
It is expected that after a careful reading, understanding and application of these tips, winning bet will be very easy.


  1. MONEY TO BET WITH: Before betting, it is advisable to first consider the money you intend to use in the betting. First ask yourself, is this money actually meant for another more important thing? Can i afford to lose this money?  Now, if the money is meant for another more important thing, never use it to bet. It has over the years been discovered that so many people especially students use the money given to them by their parents for school fees, house rent, textbooks and other very important things to bet. This is the height of stupidity. Most times they want to use the money, bet and double it. At the end, they will lose the money. At this stage, bet is not won, school fees not paid, House rent not paid, feeding money no where to be found. The next thing is to begin to think of how to sell of their phones to even eat, next is to start nursing criminal intentions to steal from other people and also lying to the parents for another money. This is not only among the students, it may surprise you to know also that many married men gamble. This is the worst. They use the money meant for family upkeep particularly feeding the family, children school fees, health maintenance etc and at the end, they lose the money and becomes frustrated and the next is to begin to consider crime to commit to raise money. The advice here is, NEVER GAMBLE WITH MONEY YOU PLAN USING FOR SOMETHING ELSE, THINKING YOU WILL DOUBLE THE MONEY. Bet only with free money.
  2. GAMES TO BET: Some people make the mistake of bringing the issue of fan into betting. You feel because you are a Manchester United fan, then you will play Manchester United to win Liverpool. It does not work like that. Analyse your games, check the line up, check the present form of the teams, check their previous meetings, consider who is at home, etc. Bet as if you are a fan of no club. Do not play because of odd, odds are designed to deceive bettors.
  3. HOW MUCH TO BET WITH: Some funny people always want to use small money to win million. Inasmuch as it is not totally impossible, the truth is that the possibility is tiny. The more odds you accumulate, the lesser your chances of winning. The bets is few games/small odds, high stake.  winning big money is sweet but always remember that good soup na money make am.
  4. WHAT OPTION TO BET: In betting, there are so many options, ranging from straight winning, double chance, both teams to score, over and under goals, win both halves, win either half, score in both halves, home or away over and under goals, Draw no bet, correct score, multiple goals, etc. Now the option to play should be dependent on the result of your analysis. Some teams/leagues score more goals than others. Some teams is easier to predict goals than to predict who will win. so the option will be greatly dependent on your analysis . In our next article, we shall be writting on the tips for bet analysis.
  5. WHICH BETTING COMPANY TO USE:  Winning bet does not in any way depend on the betting company/betting platform you are using.  If you can win with bet9ja, you can as well win with Nairabetbet, betking, Betfarm, Bet365, etc. So what matters is the games you are selecting and the options you are playing and not the betting company/platform. Meanwhile it is good to stick to one betting platform. This is because after a long time of playing with a particular platform, you will become familiar with the platforms, their extra options and the working of the platform. It is not advisable to be jumping from one betting platform to another always.
  6. SHOULD I BET ONLINE OR IN A BETTING SHOP: The fact is that both  betting online and  in a betting shop are the same thing. They are still the same games you selected and the same options. It all depends on which one is more convenient for you. For very busy and working class persons, online betting is obviously preferable because they will hardly have time to be visiting the betting shop. Another advantage of online betting is that checking the status of your bet is easier. Yo know when to cash out also  and simply withdraw straight to your account.

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