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The Impact Of Corona Virus Will Distinguish Best Coaches From The Worst Ones- Paul Merson

Impact of Coronavirus on sports: In response to the impact of corona virus pandemic, Paul Merson said that the effect of the deadly pandemic will serve to differentiate the best coaches from the worst one. According to him, the bad coaches will end up struggling while the good ones will come to fore and still blossom.
According to him, It will be difficult to envisage clubs being able to pay over the odds for players in the next few transfers and this will unavoidably result to an increase in the use of young players and a resultant leveling of the playing field.
Paul Merson further said that he strongly doubt the possibility of clubs paying players £70 Million,£80 Million and £90 Million  this time. Instead, he foresee players being paid withing the range of £40 to £50 million  and where older players will not accept to earn such, then the coaches will have no choice but to resort to the younger players.
He also stated that the signing of foreign players will be relatively impossible this time  since there is a travel restriction. Consequent upon this, the coaches will now do their work as coaches by training and making use of the available players. By this, the real coaches will still blossom in the face of the difficulties while the bad coaches will be caught up.
According to him, this is a golden opportunity for the youth players because they will definitely be given a chance this time around because the coaches and managers have no choice. According to him, there are so many young talented players around but have not been given the chance because coaches and managers will prefer to go out and buy a player worth  £50m within a twinkle of an eye while the youth players will be left without a chance to exhibit their talent.
In his statement on the impact of Coronavirus on sports for coaches, Paul Merson  also made mention of managers like Jose Mourinho  and stated that  he will have to start making youth team players better. He’ll have to start concentrating on bringing players through, and showing how good a coach he is.

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