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How to predict English Premier League matches To Ensure Winning

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How to predict English Premier League matches – There is no doubt that English Premier league the most popular football league in the world. It is a surprise how the popularity of English premier league outweighs that of Uefa champions league and Europa league.
To carefully and painstakingly predict correctly English premier league matches, the predictor must have some basic facts in mind.


  1. Always note that English premier league is a serious league and no team there is a small team. Having this in mind will enable critically analyze before prediction what would be the outcome of any English premier league match.
  2. Carefully consider the present form of the teams involved in the match. In addition to taking note of the form of the teams, also takle careful note of the key players in the match. Here it means you need to check out for the line up of each team, the know the players each team intends to play the match with. This will help you also to know how important that particular match is to the teams. Most teams use their first eleven for matches that are very import6ant to them , then either mix their first 11 with their second eleven in matches not too important to them. This issue of not using the first eleven usually occur when a team is having a very serious match like Champions league or Europa at a nearer date.Make sure you keep a close eye on the stats to see which teams are playing well. If they are getting lots of wins, look to see who they have been beating to get those successes.
  3. Take note of which team is playing at home and the one playing away. Teams tend to perform better when at home. However being at home does not ipso facto mean that the team must win. It only gives a team an edge especially when playing another team that is of equal or nearly of equal strength with them. While considering the teams at home, also consider the performance of a team when at home and when away. Some teams perform better away than when at home, while some perform better at home than when away.
  4. Keep an eye on the league table. Then there’s the relegation battle. No side wants to finish in the bottom three and end up playing in the Championship next season. Keep an eye on the league table and see which teams are struggling and may well finish in the bottom three.