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How I Won Bet Everyday For 6 Months Without Losing For A Single Day

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I played bet and Won everyday  for complete  6 months without losing for one single day. See What i Did

Sports betting has become a very lucrative business for all sports bettors and agents. This has resulted to a tremendous increase in the number of Bookmakers worldwide ranging from bet9ja, nairabet, Hollywoodbets, Merrybets, betkings, Betfarm etc.
Betting has been legalized in many countries because of how betting has helped the economy of many countries and also how bet has thrived in countries. It should also be noted that betting has drastically reduced crime all over the worl. In our next article, we shall be discussing on ways betting has curbed crime in the world.
Many youths do the betting mistakes of registering betting account with betting companies, funding betting accounts and playing bets without first of all learning and understanding the the fundamental sports betting tips. To win bet, you must try the best you can to understand how to play bet, how to win bet, How to avoid losing money in bet, When to bet and when not to bet, which league to bet , the best betting options to chose and how to decide how much to stake in bets.
Many bettors also so much believe in sports prediction websites and continue to risk their money believing on the prediction made by another person. However it should be noted that owners of prediction sites are human beings like you. They only analyse a bet and predict what they feel will be the result of the match. Most times it enters, most times it does not. It is highly advised that anytime you are making use of any sports prediction website, you should avoid taking everything hook, line and sinker. Always do your own analysis, compare and contrast before staking bet.
We have taken it upon ourselves here in to always on daily basis provide our users with well analysed booking code on daily basis. We also offer vip offer where a a customer will subscribe with a token and be getting 3 odds booking code  everyday. All these are put in place to ensure that our customers and viewers continue to win bets.
In these article, i shall be sharing my guide on how i played and won bet everyday for complete 6 months without loosing for a single day.


I started betting  Since 2013, and  since that year I have been staking money in bet and never won. I made use of a lot of sports prediction sites but to no avail. i tried all the betting option and also played with different bookmakers yet no positive result. On the 20th day of September 2019,i sat down and drew a plan on how to go about this betting. I tried to find out why i have not been winning bet and then try to map out a better strategy on how to win bet.
While analysing my betting mistakes, i realized the following things have been the cause of my continuous loss in bet.

  1. Not being familiar with the necessary betting tips.
  2. Following football predictions given by the sports prediction sites sheepishly without making my own analysis and then comparing.
  3. accumulation so many games on the same betting ticket
  4. Trying to stake small amount and aiming to win millions or hundreds of thousands.
  5. playing with different betting companies /Bookmakers
  6. Accumulating different matches from different leagues on the same betting slips
  7. playing random betting options on the same betting slips.
  8. Betting with desperation, trying to recover what i have lost.
  9. playing bet when in desperate need of money, leading to emotional gambling
  10. Not knowing when to bet and when not to bet.

Now having discovered these betting mistakes i have been making, i asked myself, How can i correct these betting errors, how can i win bet etc. Then i strategically developed a sports betting pattern which has been working for me and which made win bet9ja for straight 6 months without losing for a single day. Now these where the betting tips and betting strategy i cultivated and adhered to :

  1. I decided to first and foremost take out time to read and get familiar with the necessary betting tips for winning bets. To See our article on the 25 best betting tips, click.
  2. After getting myself acquainted with these football betting tips, i then decided to conclude on the particular betting company/ Bookmaker to always bet with and finally decided to make use of Bet9ja for sopme reasons. To see our articles on different bookmakers and their unique qualities, click 
  3. I then decided to choose the football prediction sites to use in my football prediction and the particular football leagues to always bet on.
  4. I also decided on the amount to stake everyday and how many betting odds to accumulate in my betting slip.
  5. Then in summary i decided that i will accumulate 3 sure odds every day and stake 1000 naira.      When i started  working on this, my plan was to do it for one week. But i was surprised that for one month, i never lost for once. i continued , for two months, three months and for complete 6 months, i never lost for a single day.  I shared this strategy with my best friend who also gave it a trial and it worked for him for quite a long time . When i realized that this pattern works so well, i then decided to open this Sports prediction site ( to always analyse and share free booking codes and also create opportunity for customers that would want to join my daily three sure odds for just a token.

Winning bet is not easy but it is also very easy. one thing is very necessary and that is to learn and adhere to the betting tips, bet with wisdom and bet at the right time. Do not bet because others are betting, Do not bet because you are in  desperate need of money, etc.


Mos times one of the difficult decisions to make is the particular football league to bet on, whether Champions league, Europa league, Championship, English premiership, German Bundesliga, etc. It should be noted that there is no particular league better than the other. The most important thing is to concentrate on a particular league or few laegues, follow them , analyse them, understand the league and then bet on them often. Avoid betting on the leagues you do not know much about .


Every bookmaker provides a lot of betting options for every game with different odds, like straight win, double chance, Both Teams to score, Over and under a particular number of goals, win either half, score in both halves, win both halves, etc. To see our articles on the meaning and when to use any betting option, click 
It should be noted by all bettors that no particular option is better than than the other. The best option can only be deduced after a careful analysis of the teams and leagues involved. There are teams that score more goals, there are teams where home team always win, there are that always score each other. So the best option is dependent on careful analysis of the match, team and league.
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