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Everything you need to know about bookmaker- definition, types and Qualities of a bookmaker

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What is a bookmaker, Types and Qualities?

Who is a bookmaker? A bookmaker simply means an organisation or company that accepts bets from people and upon winning, pays off at the agreed odds. Simply put, a bookmaker means a betting company or betting organizations like Nairabet, Bet9ja, Betking etc.
A bookmaker is a profit making organisation, They provide list of available matches, different betting options and odds for the options. The idea is that when you select a particular match and choose a particular option like home win, away win,double chance, both teams to score, etc and at the end of the match, the option you selected happens to be the result of the match, then the bookmaker will pay you the winning amount. This winning amount is arrived at, using the amount staked and the total odd of the selected games and options.
It should be noted that you are entitled to the winning sum if all the games you have selected in the betting slip play and end with the result you chose. if You have selected 10 matches, to be entitled to the winning sum, the 10 matches will play in line with the options you played.Merely having just one out of the 10 games play in contrast to the option you played is sufficient to make you earn nothing even though the other 9 played in accordance with your chosen option.
There are so many Bookmakers all over the world and as the number of bettors increases, the number of bookmakers also increase in pari passu. It should be noted that over 60 percent of the youths all over the world now bet on sports. Sports betting  though a gamble, is also a very lucrative thing to do, provided the bettor gets himself acquainted with the tips for betting,
For best tips for betting and winning games, click-here and read our article on the best betting tips.
Inasmuch as there are so many bookmakers, it should be noted that some have one or5 more peculiar features making them better than others. For instance, some bookmakers give welcome bonus and also from time to time give bonus to their customers. Some refund the amount staked by their customers where it is only one game that does not play as predicted by their customer out of 10 or 15 selections, etc. So every bookmaker has its own offer which serves as their marketing strategy.

Available Bookmakers for sports prediction

There are several bookmakers for sports prediction. Each operates in a country, continent or different location, depending on their expansion.
In Africa, particularly Nigeria, the available bookmakers ranges from Nairabet, Bet9ja, Betking, surebet, winnersbet, Betfarm, Hollywood bets, etc.  In our next post we shall be making a list of top 100 Bookmakers in the world and their countries of operation.


  1. A bookmaker must be duly registered as a business organisation
  2. Must obtain licence from the appropriate body responsible for lottery and gambling
  3. Must have an online platform
  4. Must have a head office and branch
  5. Must have a recognized and functional online betting platform with active deposit and withdrawal platform.

The above features are only but a few of the plethora of features,

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