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Double chance: What it means and why it is the best option to play while betting

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Double chance option, meaning and when best to choose it

Double chance: when betting, a lot of options are available for bettors to choose from, ranging from straight win, double chance, both teams to score, over and under goals, win either and win both halves, score both halves, first team and last team to score, win, draw or double chance for first or second half etc.
These betting options are made available as alternatives to choose from. It is not just enough for us to analyze a football match. it is also pertinent for us to understand the meaning of these betting options  and when best to choose anyone.
In our different articles, we shall be discussing in details the meaning of these different betting options and when best to choose them. Always aim more about getting yourself acquainted with the football betting tips. This is the surest way to win bets without stress.
In this particular article, we shall be discussing ”Double Chance” as a betting option, meaning, types and when best to choose it for sure and easy bet winning.
Double chance is a betting option which simply means choosing two options as one. it simply means that this or that will happen at the end of the match or at the end of first or second half of the match

Illustration using Manchester United and Chelsea football club

For instance when Manchester United Football club is playing against Chelsea Football club and you play double chance for Manchester United, it means Manchester united will win or they will draw the Match. What it simply means is that, Manchester United can either win or draw the game but will not lose the match. When you choose this as an option, if Manchester United wins, your have won that bet, if Manchester United also draws the game, you have also won the bet. However if Chelsea football club wins the Match, the the bet is lost.
Double chance can either be win or draw for any of the teams or any team win.  The illustration given above with Manchester United football club and Chelsea  football club means that one of the teams will either win or draw the match. However, there is another double chance which means either teams to win. Here, among the two teams, one must win. if any of the teams win the other, the bet is won. however if the teams draw the match, the bet is lost.
Therefore, double chance in betting means that among two options, one must happen. There are two types of this double chance, namely, home/away win or draw(win or draw) and Either team to win.  In choosing any of these types of double chance, first take time to analyze the match, know the stronger and more likely to win team, then decide whether to predict them win or draw or either team to win. Where there are two strong teams, the best option is to check which is a bit stronger and in a more comfortable position, either by playing at home or having the full squad, then predict them to win or draw. In this case, there is a high possibility of them winning or drawing the match but hardly for them to lose.
Double chance is one of the best options to play to minimize risk. However, it always comes with small odds, especially when you are playing it in favour of a stronger team. Thus it is more suitable for people who accumulate little odds and stake high amount.
It should also be noted that Double chance can be for either halves in the match or for  full time. What this means is that, you can decide to predict that a particular team will win or draw in in the first half or second half. You can also decide to predict that either any of the teams will win in the first half or second Half.

Illustration using Arsenal and Liverpool.

When Arsenal is having a football match with Liverpool and you intend to bet on them , using the double chance option, you can either predict the double chance for full time or either of the halves.
For instance, you can predict that Arsenal will win or draw at the end of the match. You can also predict that Arsenal will win or draw the first half of the match. You can also predict that Arsenal will win or draw the second half of the game. When you predict for a particular half of the game, the full time result will not really be your business. Your business is with the outcome of the particular half you predicted, that is first half or second half. But if your prediction is for full time, then the end result of the match will be your concern.

When to choose Double chance

When thinking of the right option while betting, you must first of all consider a lot of things , like the teams playing, their past matches, the squad, who needs the game more and more importantly the odds against the money you intend to stake. Double chance is most suitable for people that accumulate just little odd and then stake high amount. This is because double chance always carry little odds except when you are playing it for or in favour of a weaker or smaller team whose odd for straight win is really high.
Therefore anytime you want to predict games, consider the relevant things like the teams, the odds, the amount you intend to stake.
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