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Bet9ja Mobile App: How to Download Bet9ja Mobile App

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Bet9ja Mobile App Download: What is Bet9ja Mobile App? This is an app designed and built by Bet9ja company which when down,loaded in your Android phone, enables you have access to to bet9ja webpage from your mobile phone.
Inasmuch as one can access the bet9ja webpage directly from google, the Bet9ja Mobile app was designed to make this access easy and quick.
When you have this Bet9ja mobile app downloaded on your android phone, then you can at any point in time access the webpage and perform any transaction you wish to.
As Bet9ja company continues to grow, being one of the most popular betting company in Nigeria, the company in addition to the old bet9ja mobile app, designed another bet9ja mobile app known as the new bet9ja mobile app.

What is the difference between the old and the new bet9ja App?

Many users of bet9ja mobile app have continued to ask the question, what is the difference between the old and new bet9ja mobile app.
Well inasmuch as both apps were designed to give quick and easier access to bet9ja webpage, it will be deceitful to state that there is no difference between the old and new bet9ja mobile app.
Accordingly, the design of the new bet9ja mobile app was simply to improve on the features of the old bet9ja mobile app. Hence the need to categorically state that the new bet9ja mobile app has more features than the old bet9ja mobile app.
Simply put that the new bet9ja mobile app is an advanced and improved version of the old bet9ja mobile app.
However, many bet9ja customers are still making use of the old bet9ja mobile app and are absolutely enjoying it.


Downloading bet9ja mobile app is as easy as downloading every other app
Bet9ja mobile app can be download from the google play store.

Steps on how to download Bet9ja  app

  1. Visit the google play store
  2. click on the search button and search for Bet9ja or bet9ja mobile app
  3. when the app pops up, click on it, then further click on install
  4. When you are done installing the app, click open. This will open the app and show you the different features of the app.
  5. If you have not created a bet9ja online account, you can proceed to click Register and then follow the bet9ja registration process, which is very easy and short.
  6. If you already have an account, then simply log in and continue with your transactions.


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