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Bet9ja Booking Code: Meaning, how to generate it, how to use it and how to identity it

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 Bet9ja Booking Code: Generally Booking code which is also called booking number is a code or number you generate from a bookmaker from the website after selecting games you intend to stake on and wish to either to send it to someone else or stake on it later.
It is a unique set of numbers or numbers mixed with alphabets which is generated for later identification of the games selected.

How to generate Bet9ja Booking Code

Many people find it difficult generating bet9ja booking code and this has led to a whole lot of questions about generation of booking number/code and how to make use of it.
Generating bet9ja booking code is a very simple thing to do. As a matter of fact, it is the easiest of all the bookmakers.
To generate  booking number, simply follow the steps below:

  1. visit the bet9ja website
  2. click on soccer or whatever sports you intend to bet on.
  3. Go through the list of the available games and select them in line with the options you intend to bet on.
  4. when you are done selecting the games in line with the options you intend to bet, go down at the end of the list of games you have selected , click on .BETThe page will load and generate a unique code, normally in this format:Z8VDS3K.

This booking code or booking number is unique and specific to the particular games selected and and anytime the code is inserted and loaded, the following games selected  appear .
If a bettor inserts the bet9ja booking number and any of the games contained in the code has started, it will simply notify him that the game or the following games has expired. Under it, you will be given the option to proceed. If you click on proceed, then the remaining games will appear, removing the expired ones. However, if all the games have started, it will simply notify you that all the games in the bet9ja booking number has expired.

Can I Add or Remove  a game from my  booking code/ booking number ?

Sometimes people wonder if they can edit the games contained in their already generated booking number by adding or removing some games or even changing the options.
The answer is Yes. Once you key in your bet9ja booking code, load it, the games already existing in it will appear, at that point, you can add, remove  games  or edit the options contained in it.


At any point in time you insert the existing booking number and load it to show the games contained in it, you can generate a different  booking code/ booking number by clicking on the icon” BET” . This is the case whether you add, remove or edit anything or not. The fact is that once you insert the bet9ja booking number and later decide to get a code by clicking bet, it will generate another unique  booking number. This does not automatically destroy the initial booking number. Every  booking number remains effective until the games contained in it all expire.


Many people always  think there is a difference between bet9ja booking code and Bet9ja booking number. The fact remains that both are same. Bet9ja booking code and Bet9ja booking number both mean same thing which is a unique code/set of numbers which houses  a particular game selections.


Sure bet9ja booking code cannot be identified by merely seeing the booking number. To identify sure bet9ja booking number, you need to first insert the bet9ja booking number, load it and see the games contained in it. Sure booking code is generated by careful analysis. Skyprediction has been identified as the number one website that posts sure  booking number everyday.
Sure  booking code simply means booking code that contains sure games , which if played, there is a high chance of winning.
Amongst the popular sure free booking codes produced by Skyprediction are :
Bet9ja free sure  Booking code
Nairabet free sure  Booking code
Betway free sure  Booking code
Bet360 free sure  Booking code
Hollywoods bet free sure  Booking code
Sportybets free sure  Booking code

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