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10 most popular Bet Options And Their Meaning And Relevance

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Meaning of Bet Coupon

Bet coupon is a code having the selected games intended to be staked on. Building a bet coupon  is a task that requires skills and a perfect understanding of the betting tips. In betting, there are several available options that the bettor can play, depending on his choice and analysis of the match. These betting options simply means what according to the bettor, will be the result or outcome of the match. It can either be straight winning, number of goals, number of corners, number of cards both yellow and red, first and second half result, team to score, etc.
The above listed options are some of the available ones but not exhaustive of the options. From the analysis of the game and the teams involved, including the players , the bettor can then analyse what he feels will be the best option to play. If at the end of the game, the chosen option happens to be the result/outcome of the game, then the bettor wins. However, where the outcome of the match varies with the chosen option option, then the bettor loses.


It should be noted that in most cases, bettors combine more than one game in in a bet coupon in a betting slip. in this case, the whole games combined must end in the different options chosen. That is to say, where there are 10 selected games, the 10 must play exactly as predicted by the bettor. where even 9 play and one fail to play as predicted, the bettor loses.
At this junction, it is advised that bettors should choose fewer games per bet coupon and stake high if they can afford it. This is because, the fewer the number of games placed, the higher the chance of winning.
In this article, we shall be discussing the different betting options available in bet9ja, nairabet, betking, confambet bet coupon, etc and their meaning. A good reading and understanding of these options is fundamental in the betting business.

Available betting options 

  1. STRAIGHT WIN: Here, the gambler/bettor predicts that either the home team or the away team will win the game. home is represented with the number 1, while away is represented with the number 2.
  2. DOUBLE CHANCE: This is the combination of two options. it is either saying that home team will win or draw the match , away team will win or draw the match or that either of the teams will win. Note that the double chance option is available for first half, second half or full time. Thus a bettor can predict that home team or away team will win or draw first half or second half or full time. Where a bettor gambles on a particular half, the full time result is not his issue but the result of the particular  half on which he has gambled.
  3. BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE: Here the bettor/gambler predicts that the both teams will score goal(s) in the match. Here it does not matter who wins the match, how many goals score by each team or how many goals the match ends with. The important thing is that both teams score before the end of the match. It is a very good betting option though risky because sometimes one team will fail to score while the other will score so many goals. in such circumstance, the bettor will begin to regret having not played number of goals instead of both teams to score. Both team to score as an option is available for either first half, second half or full time.


  1. Over one point five(over 1.5), over two point five(over 2.5),  over three point five(over 3.5) , over four point five(over 4.5) and over five poit five(over 5.5). This options simply deal on the number of goals. As the names imply, each one means that the total goals in the match will be more than the stated number. For instance, over 1.5 goals means that the game will end with more than one goal. thus any number of goals above one is okay. same way, over 5,5 goals means that the total number of goals will be more than 5. Also it should be noted that there is also over zero point five goal which simply means that there must be at least one goal in the match. These goal options can either be for the first half, second half or full time. it can also be for a particular team.
  2. HOME OR AWAY TO WIN EITHER HALF: Here the concern of the bettor is who wins which half. where he chooses a particular team to win  a particular half, his concern is who wins that particular half and not the full time result. For instance, where the bettor plays home to win first hlaf, his concern is only who wins the first half and not the full time winner. So once the home team wins the first half, the bet has entered.  It does not matter who wins full time.


  1. HOME OR AWAY TO SCORE OVER 0.5, OVER 1.5, OVER 2.5, OVER 3.5 ETC : Here the concern of the bettor is the number of goals scored by the home or away team. it does not matter who wins. once the particular teams chosen scores the required number of goals, the game has entered.
  2. OVER 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 AND 5.5 RED OR YELLOW CARD: This is another option available where the gambler is not concerned not with the number of goals scored, the winner etc but  the number of either the yellow or red card issued in the match. Once the number of cards predicted is issued in the match, the game enters, regardless of who wins, number of goals etc.
  3. FIRST/SECOND HALF OVER 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 ETC: Here the bettor predicts the number of goals to be scored in a particular half, first or second half. He can also predict that the the both teams will score in first or second half.



Apart from the above listed, there are many other bet options available. The option to choose is dependent on the choice of the bettor and the teams involved. Some teams/ leagues score more goals. For such leagues or teams, it is better to play them to score goals than winning. Also in choosing options, consider the odd. Of fundamental importance is checking the previous matches between the teams and also the present form of the team before predicting. Also consider the players that will feature in the particular match.
In a particular bet slip, you can mix different bet options. This will increase the chances of winning. too much of same option like straight winning may not work so well . Also in betting, avoid too many accumulations. Few games, small odd, high stake is the rule.


Like i always advise bettors, learn the techniques, the strategies, the betting tips before jumping into betting. Also have the needed strong mind, be ready to accept whatever outcome. Avoid betting out of frustration or when in dire need of money. Betting is not a money doubling platform. it is not a business. Bet for fun and at your leisure time. Analyse the game to know the best betting option to choose. Learn the betting platform you are using either bet9ja, betking, nairabet etc and understand the options available. Bet with spare money, never use money intended for something else, with the hope of using the bet to double your money. Bet with your head.

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