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50 Most Commonly Used terms in Sports betting/gambling

terms in Sports betting
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50 Most frequently used sports betting terminologies

Sports betting terminologies: Sports betting has become a lucrative business world wide . However it is one business that makes and kills at the same time . Sports betting just like every other gambling requires knowledge of the tips and techniques. Betting terminologies are those terms that are frequently used in the business of betting and which knowledge of them are fundamental in the business of betting.
In this article we shall be discussing some basic terminologies associated with Sports betting and their meaning. This will enable the new bettors to be acquainted with the necessary sports betting terminologies.


  1. Sport betting: This is the activity or the act of accumulating and predicting a sports event and placing a wager/bet on the outcome. For instance, if Manchester United has a football match with Arsenal FC and as a bettor, you predict that Manchester United will win Arsenal in the match, then stake money to that effect, what you have done is what is called sports betting.
  2. Stake: This is a risky action done to either gain or lose. When you accumulate games and bet with money, you have taken the risk of staking the money to either make profit or lose  the money.
  3. Odds: the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability either way. Odd simply put,  is a numerical expression, usually expressed as a pair of numbers, used in both gambling and statistics. the odds for Manchester Bunley Fc to win Everton may be 2.25. the odd for Everton to win win win Bunley Fc may be 3.03. When you now stake your money, your profit will be calculated based on the odd.
  4. Booking code:  this is another very important sports betting terminology that tend to confuse bettors among other sports betting terminlogies.. Booking code means different thing to different people and different activities. However, Booking code in the context of sports/football betting mean the unique code you generate after accumulating different sports events and your prediction. This code enables you to place or stake the bet at your convenient  time, either in your online account or in a betting shop. For your sure  daily bet9ja booking code, visit .
  5. Bet slip: After staking your game in a betting shop, the slip being printed out and handed over to you , showing the games you accumulated, the amount you staked, the potential winning coupon code is called the Bet Slip.
  6. Fixtures: Fixture simply put is a  sporting event arranged to take place on a particular date. When you visit Bet9ja or Nairabet or other betting sites, you will see the list of football matches and other sports events slated to take place that day, week, month etc. The list or run down of these sports events is what is called sports fixtures.
  7. Bettor: Bettor is a person who bets or gambles constantly.
  8. Coupon code:  After placing a bet, a code is generated , whether you played the bet on your online betting account or in a betting shop. This code will enable you to view these games anytime, even after the events have taken place. Its a code you can use to trace your bet, know the ones that have played and the ones that have not, know the games that have played in you favor and the ones that have not.
  9. Straight win: The term straight win in sports betting simply means that one of the teams will win the match. It can either be home team  win or away team win.
  10. Double chance: This is an option of prediction two possible outcome. For instance, you can predict that home will win or draw. What this means is that either home win the match or they will draw but that away will not win. If unfortunately away wins, then you lose the bet. This win or draw can also be played for a particular half of the game. Fist half or second half or full time. Whichever one you predict, the outcome will determine whether you will win or lose the bet. The double chance can also be either teams to win. Here one team, home or away must win. Once they end the match with draw, you lose.
  11. Both teams to score (Goal Goal): This simply means that both teams will score each other. it does not matter who wins , who scores first or who score last, it does not also matter who scores more goals. so long as at the end of the event, the two teams scored each other, you have won the bet.
  12. Draw: This simply means that none of the teams will win the other. they will end the match on equal note.
  13. Over 1.5, over 2.5, over 3.5, over 4.5, over 5.5: All these simply mean that at the end of the match, there will be more than one goal, more that 2 goals, more than three goals, more than four goals, or more than five goals, respectively. There is also over 0.5 goal, which means that at the end of the event, there will be at least  one goal. Here it does not matter which team scores. The target is to have the predicted number of goals scored in the event.
  14.  under 1.5, under 2.5, under 3.5, under 4.5, under 5.5: unlike number 13 above,here the target or the prediction is that at the end of the match or a partricular half of the match, the number of goals score will not be more than one, more than two, more than three, more than four or more than five respectively. There is also one called under 0.5. This one means that no goal will be scored in the entire match.Aside predicting the number of goals, you can also predict the number of yellow cards, number of red cards, number of corner kicks, number of free kicks and number of substitution.
  15. First or last team to score: You can also predict the first or last team to score in the match.
  16. Win either half: In sports betting, when you hear people say, win either half, it simply means that they are predicting that a particular team will win either halves of the match. so the predicted team will either win first half or second half. it does really matter who wins the match. so long as the team the bettor predicted to win either half wins either the first half or second half, the bet is good to go.
  17. Win both halves: Some bettors also predict that a particular team will win halves of the game. Here even if the team wins full time but loses any half of the game, the game is lost. This is mostly played when Bigger  and stronger teams are playing very  small and weaker teams.
  18. Correct score: This simply means predicting the exact score that the match will end with. For instance, if Chelsea FC is playing with Manchester City, and the bettor predicts that the game will end 2:1. he has predicted not only that Chelsea will win, but also the exact score the match will end with.
  19. Cash out: Most times, bettors  accumulate few number of games in a slip. these games will definitely not play same time. After some of the games in the bet slip must have played and they ended in favor of the bettor, the bookmaker always make part of the potential winning available to the bettor, giving him the option of cashing out that amount if he is not willing to wait for the remaining matches to play. If he cashes out, he will be be credited with that amount while the rest of the games will be cancelled. So cash out means accepting part of the potential winning before the expiration of the entire events in the bet slip.
  20. pay out: At the end of the event or matches and the bet is won, you can pay out the money to your bank account if you played the bet in your online account or visit the betting shop to receive your winning from them.
  21. Puppy: this is a way of saying that a particular team is an underdog in a sports event scheduled between it and another team
  22. Bonus: This is the amount of money the bookmaker funds the online account of a bettor for him to use to place a bet. It should be noted that bonus cannot be withdrawn until you have used it to place a bet and won. It can be a sign up bonus or a bonus in appreciation of the bettor’s customership.
  23.  Bookmaker: Bookmaker is the organisation that provides odds on the outcome of events in order to accept bets based on predictions by customers.
  24. Double bet: Two single selections placed as one bet, with the odds being put together to give the bettor potentially higher winnings. However, note that  both selections in the bet need to come true for a payout to occur.
  25. Outright bet: Outright bets are bets placed on whole competitions rather than single matches. For instance, placing a bet on the entire Champions league or Europa league or any of the leagues, for instance placing a bet on which club will win the Uefa Champions league.
  26. Handicap betting: This is often used when there is a big favourite. In that case the other team can get one or more goals ahead. Simply put, handicap betting means giving a team one or more goals ahead of the start of the match.
  27. Draw no bet: This is a betting option which means that a particular team will win but that if that team draws the game, let the particular selection be canceled from the accumulated games. For instance, If Real Madrid has a match with Barcelona and you predict Draw no bet for Real Madrid. it simply means that you are predicting that Real Madrid will win Barcelona but if however  they draw the match, let that selection be canceled from other games in same selection/ bet slip.
  28. Betting Shop: A shop owned and manned by an agent of a betting company, where bettors go to place their bets and cash out their winnings.
  29. Underdog : The underdog is  the less-favoured team or competitor in an event in the eyes of a bookmaker.
  30. League: A sports league is a group of sports teams that compete against each other in a specific sport.
  31. UEFA Champions league: The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Champions league  also known by some people as European Cup, is a yearly football competition, which most top-ranking clubs in Europe compete with one another and of which the winner will be decided.
    Champions league is the most popular and esteemed football competition, in the entire Europe, and is mostly a tournament among the European National league winners of their national associations.
  32. Europa:The  Europa League is an annual football club competition organised by UEFA for eligible European football club.

This list of terminologies will be subject to constant addition as we get to remember some other Sports betting terminologies. Feel free to also share your own terminologies with us in the comment section. Keep tuned with skyprediction.
In our next article, we shall be listing the best 50 football leagues in the world and football clubs that compete under them. We will also discuss the issue of betting and taxation. Do betting companies pay tax? to who? Is the money won through bet subject to taxation?

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