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25 Best Betting Tips Every Bettor Must Know

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Betting tips are simply the guides, rules, strategies employed by bettors necessary  for a successful betting.
Understanding the best tips for betting is fundamental and the best assurance for any gambler/bettor that intends to make a fortune in betting.
It should pointed out that being is a form of gambling and thus it will go either way. Its either the gambler/bettor wins or looses. No one places a bet with the intention of loosing. The target of any better is to realize money. So for this intention to come to fulfilment, it is fundamental that the person first get himself acquainted with the best betting tips.
No means of making money is easy and anything that will yield a successful fruit must be taken time to be learnt. Everything has a tips, patterns, ways, guides and rules of doing it for a successful result.
My experience in betting thought me the essence of getting familiar with betting tips  before investing money in bet. I started betting in 2013, because some of my friends back then in school were doing it. I never cared to learn the betting tips because I felt there was nothing there. At the end of every game I placed, most of my friends will win while my bet will not enter( my bet will cast as we normally say).
From 2013 till 2016. I never won a single bet. This led to my enquiry on how to make the betting business work out for me. I approached some of my friends who are seriously into the business of betting and then they disclosed to me that for a successful betting business, I must take out time to learn, understand and be familiar with the fundamental betting tips.
Then I was playing with the Nairabet and Bet9ja. I then decided to subject myself to a serious lecture on the best betting tips to enable me enjoy like others.
With my todays knowledge and familiarity with the betting tips, I can boast of having made hundreds of thousands from both Bet9ja, Nairabet, Betking and confambet.
Now in this article, we shall be talking about the must know betting tips for any intending gambler.

What must I know about betting?


  • Before you start betting, it is important to note that bet is simply a gamble. It is a win or loose stuff. The better you know the rules of bets, the easier it will be for you.
  • Do not bet out of frustration especially when you are in dire need of money. You will end of loosing the little you have without getting anything.
  • Smaller odd, fewer games and high state is the way. Too much accumulation with small stake is a waste of time.
  • Do not play a particular club to win because you are a fan of the said club. If possible, never include your club in your games.
  • Do not play a particular club to win the other because of name or the fact that they are a stronger team than the other. Do a thorough analysis and find out the present form of the clubs playing, the line-up and the next game the club will play after that particular match.
  • If a club has a more serious and more important match very close to the date of the present match, then its better you avoid such game. This because they are likely going to reserve most of their important players for the more important match.
  • Check out also which of the teams that needs the particular match badly. This most times leads to selling of matches, especially when qualification and relegation will be determined by the match.
  • Do not rush while trying to place bet, either because the matches are about to start. This will make you loose the required concentration which ordinarily betting requires.
  • Check which favours you most. Online betting or going to the betting shops.
  • Avoid playing bet because someone said that is what the teams will play. Play according to your analysis and mind
  • The above are just very few things someone who intends to join the business of betting must first know. Note that this is in addition to knowing about the particular betting company.
  • Now we shall be dealing with the best betting tips after you have gotten yourself acquainted with the dos and don’ts of betting.

Like we earlier stated, betting is a win/loose stuff. It will end either ways. Either the better wins or looses. For a better chance of winning, it is advised that the gambler equips himself of the best bet tips.
These tips are thing we hear every day but consider them not important. For instance, we hear people say, ‘do not bet with the money you cannot afford to loose’. When we hear this, we feel that it is a senseless advise but the truth is that , if you keep using money which you cannot afford to lose, you will definitely run into the state of frustration where you keep betting with anger to recover the money you have lost which in most cases prove impossible.

10 best betting tips every gambler must know

For a successful betting, please endeavour to familiarize yourself with the following tips.

  1. Bet with your head not your heart. Betting is not a love game that you should invest emotion and feelings. It is a two way thing, either you win or you lose. So being strong minded is a fundamental attribute of a good gambler.
  2. Bet with your spare money and not money you intend to use for something else.
  3. Bet at your leisure time. If possible, bet for fun not as a money making means.
  4. Do not bet because others are doing and making money from it. To bet, you must have the passion and interest in betting, then the patient and strong mind to bear loses , should things go the negative way.
  5. Be patient enough to read several articles on betting tips before you join betting team.
  6. Small odds, high stake is better than high odd small stake. The chances of success differs greatly.
  7. Know the teams that score goals more and play them goals and not just winning.
  8. Try and know what each option means. For instance, home win means the team at home will win the away team, both teams to score means that the both teams will score goal in the match, it doesn’t matter who wins, over one point five(over 1.5) or two point five(over2.5) means that at the end of the game, there will be more than one goal or more than two goals respectively, it doesn’t matter which team score the goals or who won the match.
  9. It is good to play games with big odds, but at the end, what matters is if the bet entered. So in choosing games to play, consider both the odd and the possibility of entering.
  10. Avoid greedy betting. Trying to win millions with 100 naira. Inasmuch as it is possible, the chances are very small.
  11. Concentrate on one betting platform, either bet9ja, nairabet, betking, etc. The more familiar you are with a platform, the better chances of winning through them.

More on the Top betting Tips in addition to the already stated


  1. Consult good and quality betprediction sites like etc to see the professional prediction for the matches and then combine the predictions with your own mind.
  2. Never allow yourself be addicted to betting. Addiction kills and steals joy. Bet for fun and at your leisure. Betting is not a job, you cannot build career on betting.
  3. As an adult, never send your child or a younger relation to place bet for you in a shop. In fact never allow people of such age to know that you bet or see you doing that.
  4. When the bets you have placed are playing, avoid following the livescore, checking the game every minute. The game that will enter will enter. Following the livescore every minute will not change what the outcome of the match will be.
  5. Bet is a trial and error. Never think every game you place must enter.

The assurance is that once an intending gambler acquaints himself with some of these tips, the chances of winning increases. However the bitter truth is that gambler is not a way of life and if betting is a form of gambling, then betting is not a way of life.
Betting should be done as a thing  of choice and not because others are doing it. Put spare money into betting and not the money intended for something else. Never run into the temptation of trying to use bet to double your money at the point of need. It may never be realized. If you must bet, approach betting with strong mind , if not, high blood pressure and frustration will be the result, in addition to a dry pocket.
Do not fall the victim of people who will tell you to pay for them to supply you with Sure Prediction. If they are so sure about it, they would have invested their whole money to make hundred folds of it.
There are several betting companies ranging from bet9ja, betking, nairabet, comfambet, etc. so choose anyone and play with.

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