Top European Betting Sites 2021

Top European Betting Sites 2021: List of the Best Top European Betting Sites To Gamble On

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Top European Betting Sites 2021 – Betting in Europe has over the years become  a lucrative business. Accordingly, many citizens of Europe has ventured into the business of sports betting in Europe.

Consequent upon this popularity of sports betting in Europe, a lot of betting sites has spring up and this betting sites are really waxing and booming strongly in Europe gambling sector.

For the purpose of assisting all European bettors in knowing the available betting sites to gamble on, Sky prediction has taken time to compile the list of the top European betting sites. This list of top best European betting sites is a useful guide to bettors living in Europe for the purpose of making a perfect choice of betting sites to gamble on.

The above listed top betting sites in Europe are chosen from many because of their peculiar features and offers like bonuses, great user interface, stellar customer support etc.

While going through this list of top betting sites in Europe for the benefit of knowing which one to bet on, it is pertinent to first understand the different types of betting sites,their peculiarities, differences and similarities. This will aid you in making a perfect choice of a particular betting site to gamble on.

This article on top betting sites in Europe places focus on the sportsbooks, Racebooks,Casinos and All inclusive betting sites.

1. Sportsbooks: These are the betting sites offering actions on sports. It should be noted that European betting sites focuses more on popular European Sports that are often neglected worldwide.

2. Racebooks: This is an online platform allowing you to bet on horse and dog race. Usually, Racebooks are included in casinos, Sportsbooks or All inclusive. However, there are still many standalone Racebooks.

3. Casinos: This is simply a platform/betting sites where you gamble on games like craps, roulette and Blackjack.

4. All-inclusive sites: This is a site that offers more than one of the above or even all of the above mentioned. That is to say, a site housing both casino and racebook or a site housing casino, racebook and sportsbooks.


  1. Check the sports covered by the betting site , to be sure it covers your choice sports.
  2. Consider the bet type being offered by the betting site to be sure its in line with what you want.
  3. Consider the user interface: This involves navigating through the site to see how it works, how easy it is to find the sports and options you want and place a bet etc. In a nutshell, the user interface of a site simply means how friendly and easy-to-use a website is.  How fast and convenient you can achive your aim on the website.
  4. Consider the mobile compatibility of the website: The possibility of easily and conveniently betting with your smart phone anywhere and anytime is of utmost importance and thus should be considered in choosing the betting site to gamble on. This will do away with the stress, discomfort and inconvenience of always rushing home or to the office to make use of your computer anytime you wish to place a bet.
  5. Review the banking options to be sure they suit your need: While choosing the European betting site to gamble on, take time to consider the banking options and terms of the particular European betting site. In doing this, you consider the deposit and withdrawal options and terms to ensure they have have options that will work for you.

Finally, in choosing the best European betting sites, do not just consider which is the best option but rather consider which one of the European betting sites have the options, parameters and terms that favors you. Once you have found this, You are good to go.


1. BetUs. To visit the Website, Click Here

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4. Bovada. To visit the website Click Here

5. BetOnline: To visit the website Click Here