Top Betting Sites In the World

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Top Betting Sites In the World

Betting sites-The main essence of this article ‘Top 100 Betting Sites in the World is to enlighten and exposes all bettors to the various betting sites in the world and their uniqueness. This list of Top Betting Sites In the World is subject to continuous modification.

Betting has become a well pronounced venture in the world. It has made so many positive impact to gamblers worldwide. However it should be noted that as lucrative and venturous as gambling may seem, it has destroyed a lot of people.  There are many betting sites or bookmakers around the globe but we are talking about the Top 100 Betting Sites in the World in no particular order. In no particular order we meant here is that the first to be mentioned does not mean that it is the best just like the last to be mentioned does not mean it is the least.



A lot of qualities are considered before  considering a bookmark to be the best or stand at the top and these things includes; the odd format, reviews, efficiency, deposit and withdrawal methods, their quick response to customers calls/needs ,games they offer and the daily updates being made on fixtures and results.

Below is the list of the best 100 betting sites/bookmarks already tested and trusted and found to possess all the qualities of a good betting site

Top 100 Betting Sites in the World:

Note that this list is in no order. Hence coming first in this list dopes not mean that one betting site is better than the other.

Top 100 Betting Sites in the World in no particular order are:


Bet365 is an online gambling company offering sports betting and casino type games It is on e of the very recognized Top Betting Sites In the World. Bet365 also offers an on-course bookmaking service. Bet365 is licensed by Maltese Gaming Authority. In addition to the company headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent, Bet365 have further offices in Manchester, Gibraltar, Malta, Bulgaria and Australia.

This bookie has reached a very wide range of views. Bet365 participates fully in sponsoring many live sporting games. The origination was from the united kingdom and its was formally started by the Coates family in Stock Trent. It has gone as far as Africa and so many other places in the world. One of the biggest opportunity it has created is employment to over 5000 youths and its deposit and withdrawal methods are not complex. Many gamblers use this bookmark because of its efficiency and it offers plenty of games being viewed and mostly gambled on. The bookmark has encouraged betting and winning with good odd format and the mobile app makes it easier to access. One wonderful feature of this bookmark is its flexible funding of account and easy and fastr withdrawal. The also have encouraging odds format.



You cannot mention Bookmarks for sports betting without mentioning 1XBET. Their unique features ranges from their welcome bonus, fast funding and withdrawal, good internet service and quick response to customers needs.

The fact is that they have been in existence for over 12 years now and gamblers are really enjoying the experience makes it trust worthy. This bookie’s odd format is good and they make updates on odd changes. 1Xbet offers different sports activities and also leagues, tournament and matches. To enjoy more of what they offer you have to register or open an account with the bookie and have a share in the good reputable experience.

Just as it is very easy to register to become an online customer with 1XBETS, it is very easy to register and become an agent of 1XBETS. If you have not gambled with 1XBETS, you are missing.


They still stand as one of the best and most used bookie in the global market and its really putting in efforts to give better experience. This bookmark is headed by Mr. Anthony Workman who is the CEO but with so many other members of the staff. They have been in existence for over 13 years and likely making more efforts to give a good experience to bettors. Betway as one of the best betting sites offers so many sporting games from the pre-games to live games too over 5000 per say. The platform supports the online casino, pokers and live games from different sports games and makes rooms for updates on fixtures,  results and statistics. One of the most interesting things is the welcome bonus and the site’s friendly interface. Betway has gone as far as bringing a better experience while you sign up with them and they are the official sponsor of West ham united.


Talk of betting in Nigeria, talk of Bet9ja. In fact betting in Nigeria means bet9ja. It has been in existence for over 6 years and has provided over 30, 000 sporting games daily from different leagues, cups and tournaments. One of the greatest achievements of Bet9ja  is the sponsorship of the Big Brother Naija 2019 and have created employment for so many youths. The odd format is European standard and it has a user friendly interface were you can easily understand all without being guided. Bet9ja’s deposit and withdrawal method are also easy once you have an account with them. To become an agent of bet9ja is also as easy as becoming an online customer and their agency business has a lot of beneficial packages. It may surprise you to know that

According to, Bet9ja is the second most visited website in Nigeria, only next to, as at September 2018.

Bet9ja was co-founded by Ayo Ojuroye and Kunle Soname who are its CEO and chairman respectively. Bet9ja is doing all within its reach to stand as best amongst all in the Nigerian betting industry.

The List Of Top betting sites in the world  Continues



This is a South African bookmaker. As one of the Top 100 Bookmakers, this betting site is one of the most viewed and used bookie in south Africa. It is fully licensed by the western cape gambling and they support all KNZ games. Their updates are exclusive and efforts in bringing in good betting experience is termed massive. It’s very easy to register and as well gain the better welcome bonus on first deposit. The bookmark has restriction for many countries but you can equally access it using a good VPN on your browser.


A Nigerian based bookie that was the first to come in view and being the official sponsor of shooting star fc Ibadan, they provide big odds of at 2.4 or higher and they support virtual, online casino, and colossus. To deposit and withdraw is easy because they use many forms and methods of payments. If you have the app you have no bounds to bet on any league of choice and on any selected country too.

It is a trending bookmark in the betting industry and it’s the first registered betting bookmark in Nigeria, it came to existence since 2009 and it was the first to introduce online betting format to gamblers in Nigeria and having over 83,000 visitors daily with a purpose of winning.
It was founded by a successful Nigerian who’s an entrepreneur, Politician, Philanthropist, Author and a business man named Otunba Akin Alabi, (born 31 March 1977)he’s net worth is rating over 10 million dollars and all these came through nairabet which generates him more income on monthly bases.



A South African based bookmark that offers a wide range of different varieties of game activities and it has been in the market since 2012 trying its possible best to attain a glory of being one of the best and most used bookmarks which was approved by gambling judge. The mobile app supports different devices such as androids, IOS, and windows making it one of the top 100 betting sites. Registering with this bookmaker will give you a better chance of winning or making more money because they give results, stats and team form information.


Sunbet has been actively in the betting/gaming industry since 2008. It is licensed and regulated by the Western Cape gaming and racing and the odds format is appealing. People who mostly use it are gamblers in south African because its trusted and reliable as has been stated in so many reviews.

As one of the top betting sites, they support virtual betting, live betting, in play betting and offer over 3,000 different games on daily basis. The only deposit that can be made at a time is R50 and an email proof for payment validation will be sent to you. As for welcome bonus, the betting platform gives 100% of deposit made but only on the first deposit. The bookie is owned by sun international and is doing more work to enhance the bookie.


This bookmark is always ready to dispose whenever it comes to any sports event and it’s the most used in Ghana bookies, it has so much games to offer including live betting, roulette, poker, online casino and so much more, not minding all they offer they always have a purpose for winnings to their bettors, the mobile app too supports IOS and Androids and they offer same as in the main site.


A south African bookmaker that started existing from the year 2016 till date with an authorization from the western cape gambling and racing board. They offer over 50 sports games and their odds are European standards as one of the best betting sites. Mobibet is really doing a good job and trying all possible best to enhance good sports betting spirit.


South Africa has so many bookmakers and this is one of the most used. It is owned by Keith Ho, sponsored by the power turf platform and licensed by the Gauteng gambling board and Mpumalanga gambling company. The betting platform came into the scene of the betting industry in the year 2014 and they are really offering good odds and team statistics.


This is a Mexican based bookie that has over 1.588,000 daily visitors and its ranking high in the global betting industry. This bookie is for those who understand Spanish language. As one of the most visited betting sites, i;ts interface is very understandable and it has gone far and near to provide excellent sporting games.


This bookmaker offers 20 euros on free for online casino, 10 euros for live gaming or in play bet, 10 euros pre-match on pre match. As one of the good betting sites, they are ranking 4th and has over 434,000 daily bettors and the site interface is simple and in a simple English to enable any gambler to access it easily and the odds format is European standard internationally accepted.


They offer so many sports games ranging from soccer to the unknown, its originally originated from Ukraine and is now internationally accepted thereby having over 392,000 gamblers that use the bookmark daily and its ranking to be the number 5. It offers a wide range of different sports games and with good odds daily. They offer live or in play betting, online casino and poker games too.


This is one of the best betting sites in Columbia. Wplay offers online casino games and other varieties of sports although its not written in English language but it carries so many games with good odds. Its original target is just the Columbians and the bookie has an excellent performance when it comes to showing team statistics, results and match analysis on daily basis.


Globally ranking high, it has attained so much international viewing and usage housing over 326,000 daily users/visitors. They provide communication between the customer care agents and the users or bettors. Only people above 18 can bet here and its interface is not bulgy but much optimized from the onset. Betting here as one of the best betting sites gives good experience.



This is a Chinese betting bookmaker and its written in Chinese language. It has gone far and near in the gaming world and has over 291,000 daily visitors. HKJC is quite hard to access and understand if you don’t speak or understand chinese language.


Ranking number 9 in the world and its origination is from the Greece bookie and has over 253,000 daily bettors using this bookmark for their betting activity.


This bookie is ranking number ten due to the number of visitors which is about 246,000 daily and they offer so much sports game activities ranking from the most used to the least of our knowledge, this bookmark has a very beautiful look black and green and they offer online casino games toothey are registered under curacao E-gaming and they equally offer good welcome bonus for first time users or depositors.


This is a France based bookie which is written in the French language, its well understood for only bettors who read and understand French language but got lots of exclusive sports games and opportunities to win a game by diverse methods like the online casinos and jackpots bonus. Over 233,000 bettors wager here daily and its ranging 11th which makes it more trusted and reliable to place your bet on.


They offer a lot of sports games for bettors that have different choices of games activities to wager on although it restrictions for few location, it is regulated by the Malta gaming authority and it has over 198,000 viewers on daily basis the targeted region is Italy and their good work is always seen by the kind of sports games they provide and the kind of odd format they give.

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This bookmark gives exactly 100 euros as soon as you make your first deposit. As a member of the top 100 betting sites in the world, they have varieties of sports games to offer daily. Once you have an account with this bookie you will have access to all exclusive offers both the online casino bonus and more of other games too. They have 194,000 daily visitors.


This bookie has its main focus in the USA and its housing over 193,000 daily bettors making it rank 15th most visited, if you are a casino game lover here is the best bookie to use, poker games, jackpots and so many other rare games are accepted here and you can make deposit by using bit coins.

Other Betting Sites Still In This List Include


This is one of the most used bookie in the south African bookie, in Africa Hollywood bets is very buoyant and well used, they offer in play or live betting, they have a format that shows games stats and game information’s, they are controlled by the KZN western cape gaming board and this bookie has been existing since 2008 and they offer promos every week which there’s always a good outcome and winning. They have covered a very deep and wide range in Africa which makes the bookie have over 189,000 views and ranking 16th.


INTERWETTEN as one of the best betting sites or bookmakers is worldwide. It records about 150,000 visitors and is ranked at 7,460 by Alexa as at the time of publication. It is tested and Trusted by many punters around the globe.


This bookmark is one of the oldest in the gaming industry and has once been shortlisted on the London exchange. Any bettor from any location or country is free to wager on it without bounds making it one of the most used betting sites. The bookie was founded by Mr Mark Blankford with the parent organizations; William Hill, GVC Holdings London in the year 1997. This bookmaker offers more than 30,000 different sporting games daily and makes provision to display results, odds, team forms and so much more in fact they are tagged to be one of the best because it has minted so many millionaires in the world. They offer live betting and online casino too though they have few complaints but they are working harder to improve it to the latest. Their main focus is brazil and the international market too having over 150,000 daily views.

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This bookie is licensed by curacao ltd gaming board they allow different kinds of betting like 1.5, over or under 2.5, GG, correct score, 1x, 2x, x, handicap, and so many other pattern of odd to wager on, they also showcase game results for different sports, they are Russian based and also international because their bookmark is readable unlike other bookies that use different language pattern. They attend to over 168,000 daily visitors around the globe.


It is a very good one to bet on and has a very great number of daily visitors which is over 161,000 worldwide ranking 19th although is internationally recognized but its target is mostly Czech republic and it covers a wide range of sports games to offer for bettors of wagering purposes.


This bookmark is not an English bookie but has so much games to offer and its ranking 20th offer several la-liga games from any division and other known and unknown leagues and its getting views daily which is up to 158,000 and bettors are making good reviews about them.


This bookie has good welcome bonus to offer but cannot be accessed by all countries or region so before accessing this bookmark you have to create an account with them and the offer good odd formats, poker slots, video games and casino as well, their view increases and having up to 151,000 bettors that run active activities on their bookie daily.


This is a Turkish bookie target to serve all betting purpose for the Turkish bearing also their language for easy access but they rank high and attend to so many visitors over 149,000 daily which mean that many people bet here on different games like the soccer and so many other genres of sports games.


They support live or in-play betting they make withdrawal and deposit very easy the first step to be taken on this bookie is to create an account, the main target of their business is Belgium and other parts of the world they can reach, they provide most favorite games that always wagered on internationally and the range of visits is about 149,000 daily visits.


This bookie is Chinese based and provides better odds for bettors to wager on although people or gamblers that don’t read or write Chinese language can’t use it, it habitats over 145,000 visitors per day which makes it rank 25 in the list. The only problem with this bookmark is its language restriction. However, testimonies of people who use the betting site confirmed that it is an efficient and beneficial bookmark. According to reports. its benefits ranges from sign up bonus, easy funding and withdrawal, wonderful odds format, fantastic internet and quick response to inquiries and complaints.


They offer over 23,000 live events every month, over 600,000 has joined this bookie and it has been actively in existence since 1999 offering different sorts events, its app can run on androids, IOS and windows. The bookie is very understanding and is preferred by over 143,000 bettors daily and its potential target is Ukraine and any other part of the world it can reach, they offer excellent odds like home or away win, draws, handicaps and over or under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5.


This is one of the best online bookie which is licensed by Isle of man gambling supervision commission under the Republic of Ireland since 2017 and here you can play live bets through a tab on top of the site, you can equally know team stats, odds, forms, results, live scores, and equally know match analysis too. They are ranking 27 and their prime target of circulation of business is Kenya and other parts of the continents have 135,000 bettors daily globally.


Written in a language that is not generally spoken might not be too bad because is basically prescribed for particular people which are those that can assimilate the write and their main targeting is Kazakhstan and other part that can use it. They offer different winning or outcome and their bonuses are really good they have over 131,000 global  a thunderous visitors daily. Despite its language barrier, it still has a whole lot of users and thus generates .


Betking is a good and one of the latest  bookies in  Nigeria and also well recognized and used in Africa, it was launched 22 February 2018 in Lagos state, Its owned by a known great footballer called  Austin Jayjay Okocha, Currently betking has reach approximately 5 states in Nigeria, The ideology in this bookmark is that  everyone is a king and has all the chance of winning big, They have a friendly interface as well and an improved site too. They have over 83,500 daily global visitors and they main target is Nigeria. The amazing featutures of this bookmark ranges from welcome bonus, easy funding and withdrawal, quick response to customers needs, amazing odds and easy to understand platform.


Sportybet is a well-known bookie that has been existing for over 21 years with improvements and upgrades. it’s an international betting site that has covered a wide range and offers great winnings in both visual games and live betting or in- play games. actually its owned by the CEO Sudeep Dalamal Ramnani who founded it since 1997. The bookie offers different opportunities of promotions, bonuses and also has online casino, live betting, live scores, results and updates of different leagues, cups, tournaments and sports.


It is a France based bookie having over 122,000 daily visits and bettors from France and other countries. It is encoded in French language and this is one of the most used language in the world. They offer many interesting sports activities like the horse race, dog race and others with an interesting odd which is expected to bring good winning.


This bookmark is Romanian based but executes their work properly in the international market. They have restrictions for so many countries especially Africa but with diverse methods you can still access it from any region. Betano offers good games to bet on and their visitors are growing daily.


They provide exclusive sports betting in especially Bundesliga which is the German biggest play. Tipico supports online casino, live casino, tennis, basketball and so many games . The betting site records more than 107,000 daily bettors and visitors.


This bookie is in Russian language and it offers so many live betting games to wager on. Betcity computes live results, match analysis, team formation and many online games are been featured here. You cannot talk of  top  betting sites

in Russia without mentioning Betcity


The bookie as one of the betting sites is targeting the international market and basically Peru. It offers about 125 euros welcome bonus, 75 euros on first deposit and 50 euros on the second deposit. It is licensed by the Malta gaming authority under the British gaming commission. They came into existence on 30th of March 2006 and having over 103 daily visitors makes it very excelling and prosperous.


This bookie has a legal breach for some countries but has so many sporting experience to offer. They have over 99,700 visitors on daily basis and mainly people in Germany use this bookmaker to place their wager. It is among the top betting sites around the globe.


This is an international bookmark that advertises so many games for bettors daily to wager on daily and make good outcomes; they bring home sports to its fullest and having great bettors and visitors which is over 93,200 ranking 39 in the record.


This is a Ugandan based book mark which offers different forms and types of sports games like the soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball and they equally offer live betting, jackpots, online casino games and so many other games which are regularly wagered on by bettors in Uganda. They cover a far and near countries and especially in Africa they have a slogan which states “Bet small and win big” and they are working effectively to deliver good experience and minting winners on daily basis.


In the world there are many bookmarks but this in particular is one of the best licensed by the Alderney gambling control commission and regulated by the UK gambling commission, they create a dream that Better odds mean bigger winnings. To access this bookie you have to join or sign up with this bookmark to have a share in winning and they offer great odds. They are having over 86,000 visitors and really been used internationally.


This bookie supports over 10 different language types depending on your region. You can make live streaming, live chatting and live betting here. The odds format is UK, US, EU and they support different forms of deposit and withdrawals. Ladbrokes bookie offers exclusive sports activities and they started in Gibraltar United Kingdom. It is owned by the Ladbrokes Coral Group. You can use this bookie on PC and also on mobile.


This bookie offers series of games with good odds, over 50 sports games are here for bettors and it supports live betting, live casino, casino, virtual sports and lots more, it’s very cool to try this site because it quite understandable, register and enjoy your first deposit bonus. Its main target is Kenyans and international too.


This is the leading Georgian betting and casino games bookie. Its formats and odds are very good to boost wins. ADJARABET offers different forms of online betting slots both poker and so many others that are mainly wagered on daily.

Other Top Betting Sites in the world


This Italian bookie has over 72,000 users all over the world but originally had its influence in the Italian sporting industry but is currently international. They offer a good betting experience to all users and provide updates in their daily gaming activities. SNAI deals more with the Italian football leagues and sports. However there are still room to bet on other countries’ football league in SNAI.


This is a Finland originated betting site that offers varieties of different sports games for bettors choice and if is very elaborate in showing team formations and match statistics. Making the list of the top betting sites in the world, they provide good odds and having over 71,700 users in different parts of the world with those who make their winning with this bookie.


Skybet is one of the most used betting sites in the world because it offers luxury of sports games from different concepts. This bookmaker has over 71,600 views and users with its main target being UK and also internationally recognized and used to place wager daily. SkyBet has a platform that ensures winning through giving good odds and also good bonuses. is a British-based Canadian gambling company, owned by The Stars Group, with headquarters in Leeds, West Yorkshire and offices in Sheffield, London, Guernsey, Rome and Germany. Sky Betting & Gaming consists of six core brands: Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Lotto


This bookie has its eye on gaining the international views and has made a lot of success and achievements. Though at the moment, Pinnacle is not too strong but it is believed thatr in no long time, it will not only gain popularity but also international recognition.


One of the top 100 betting sites that has its users progress at heart by providing good welcome bonuses and constant update in every sport game they provide. This is in other to accommodate and attract more users. They record over 68,400 daily visits. Though not yet too popular, but testimonies coming from Paddy Power users have confirmed that it is one of the best in terms of welfare packages, welcome bonus, easy and quick withdrawal and funding etc.


This is one of the best betting sites. They offer much soccer games in diverse leagues, tournaments and cups with frequent update on fixtures, statistics, team form, league information and matches results. Codere brings good betting experience.


This is an Austria bookmaker and its main aim is to give a comprehensive sports betting experience to all users in the country. So many other are blocked from this service so as to maintain their stand and provide good and accurate services.


The country Bulgaria might not be popular but believe me that this bookie is doing a great work providing all favorite kinds of games that bettors wager on daily. This bookmaker’s focus is Bulgaria and its having more than 62,100 visits each day.


In Columbia betting is a very lucrative business because they also love sports like other countries do and many tend to fend for their living through betting and winning. This betting site provides adequate odds and different games which can be wagered on daily. They have up to 62,000 daily visits.


This site which is one of the Top 100 bookmakers which operates in Singapore. It harbors so many good sports to bet on like the casino and other online slot games. Soccer is also not left behind because it is the only game that has more bets wagered on it daily.


France has so many good betting sites that are mainly in view but this is on of the best. All needed games are provided and they give welcome bonus on first deposit to make you feel at home. It records 58,100 daily visits internationally.


As one of the leading betting bookmarks that are mostly used in Austria this bookie does it job in a unique way to help enhance a bettors mindset on how to place his wager and how to read stats and other important information’s before betting. The main purpose is to enhance winning and not losses. This sports betting site is rankiong so high in the list of Top Betting Sites In the World.


Here is another popular top Betting Sites In the World  This is a Peru based Bookmark, commonly used  by citizens or bettors that love wagering on sports in Peru. Inkabet enjoys slight monopoly because their are very few bookies in the country. This bookie has almost all features and games needed ranging from the most popular to the unknown and bettors have different choices and passion towards a particular sports. Once you choose your preferred sporting games then you will be able to read the odds and other stats to ensure you bet wisely. The bookie as one of the top betting sites is having over 55,000 visits from each day activity.  You cannot talk about sports betting in Peru without the mention of Inkabet. The popularity of inkabet in Peru can be likened to the popularity of Bet9ja in Nigeria. The above list of Top Betting Sites In the World