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Meaning of Both Teams to score and when best to play it

Both teams to score meaning – Many have been hearing of the betting option ”both teams to score” without really knowing the meaning.
Both teams to score which is abbreviated as BTTS simply means that the two teams must score each other before the end of the match.
Even though both teams to score seems very risky to play, it remains one of the safest betting option.
When you play both teams to score, it saves you the panic of who wins, who scores first, who scores last, how many goals in total etc. There are instances when the both teams score each other within few minutes of starting the match and where both teams to score is your prediction, then you are good to go just few minutes into the match.


Both teams ti score like we stated earlier simply means that the both teams will score each other in the match. Accordingly, to rightly predict that the both teams will score in a match, you must first ascertain the strength of both teams.To predict both teams to score correctly, you must consider the close strength of the two teams playing. You must also consider which team is at home and the one away.  Where a very strong team is playing with a smaller team, it is not completely impossible for the both teams to score , but the chances are lower. Accordingly, both teams to score is best where two strong teams are playing.
Both teams popularly abbreviated as BTTS also works better in some football leagues like Netherlands, Hungary, sweeden etc.


To correctly predict both teams to score, it is advised that you adhere to our rules and both teams to score tips below. Accordingly, both teams to score is best in the following circumstances:

  1. When two strong teams are playing
  2. when a strong team is playing a smaller teams but the smaller team is at home and they are strong at home.
  3. When the league is the scoring type
  4. When the weaker teams needs the match more than the stronger team