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Bet9ja agent: How To Become A Bet9ja agent

How to become a bet9ja agent

Bet9ja agent is someone who owns a bet9ja betting shop and registered with bet9ja as an agent. The process of becoming a bet9ja agent is very simple and straight. , it is expected that you first make a thorough research on how it works.
Having a good knowledge of betting and the benefits available for an agent is very important as an intending agent.


To become a bet9ja agent, simply follow these 6 steps,

  1. Do your initial documentation with Bet9ja
  2. Allow time for checking of documents and location
  3. Engage in introductory conversation with bet9ja field officer
  4. Verification of intended premises
  5. Execution of the agency contract
  6. Get your shop ready and well equipped with all the necessary things. Then proceed with your business.


There are many benefits available to a bet9ja agent , thus making it a lucrative business. Some of these incentives includes;

  1. percentage on turnover
  2. percentage on every bet you print
  3. As an agent, you bear no liability or risk when people win bets
  4. Timely technical support from bet9ja field workers
  5. Full access to the latest European sports betting software
  6. free training course before you open your shop

People visit the bet9ja shops to place their already analysed and booked games . Also in the bet9ia shop, people analyse and book their bets. There is also a platform called virtual which also provide people with the opportunity to place a computer programmed games and wait for it to play.
It is more lucrative to be a bet9ja agent than playing bet. Becoming the agents gives you a better and closer contact with bet9ja and provides you with a lot of benefits. However being a bet9ja agents alone is not enough to enjoy the benefits available to the maximum. It is of fundamental importance to have your shop in a strategic location where you will have enough customers. Always bear in mind that you are paid commission based on the number of bet slips you play a day. It should be noted that as an agent, your earning is dependent on your turn over. That is to say, the more bettors that bet from your shop, the more income you generate.  So the first step to becoming a bet9ja agent or agent of any of the betting companies is to first of all get a strategic location with maximum audience. As we all know, audience is business. Upon securing a good location with mass audience, then proceed to register for the agency. It pays so well once you can deliver.

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